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Winter’s essence, the hues of its landscape, and strength of the environment’s silhouettes, is the fusion from which Neosens Autumn Winter collection came into being. The design and style once again characterizes the novelties we’ll find in this season. Leathers with more work done on them, like Dakota, pleasant to the touch and with a superior finish; fantasies which turn the shoes into a unique item; models from previous collections, where fresh winds low with cowboy esthetics like Munson. Dakota, washed leather with natural shrinkage making it nicer to touch while giving the shoe different esthetics to achieve an informal more casual look. We can see the cowboy trend in the Munson line with wide slightly sloping Cuban heel. Ribier presents boots and ankle boots whose wide average height heel guarantees absolute comfort. The outstanding characteristic of this line is that of heel covered in oak wood. As with other seasons, fantasies always play an important role. In this collection, fantasies are made up of texturized sections and metal finishes in different colors: brown, black or grey. The fastenings remind one of mountain boot esthetics to add a more urban touch in old copper to endow the shoes with elegance and personality. Special moments and sensations which you’ll be living this winter at the hand of the latest Neosens Autumn Winter collection, where craftsmanship, design and quality will be present in each of the shoes. Neosens: original shoes from La Rioja.



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