Specialist in het maken van Espadrilles in de zomer en laarzen en boots op leight weight zolen in de winter

Over Maypol

- Craftsmanship and quality
These are our pillars. The essence and philosophy of a brand aimed at modern dynamic woman, cosmopolitan and seeking comfort and sophistication in their daily lives.

- Design
MAYPOL is a breath of fresh air for its mix of fashion and crafts interpreted a modern and innovative way thanks to its avant-garde designs. Footwear pure.

- Tradition
Originally the soles were made at home by the espadrille, who worked only braided rope sole rudimentary wooden tables and seamstresses added canvas and ribbons.

- Projection
The creation of new facilities and the di- vision of work in specialized plants led to produce 300,000 pairs reaching more than 30 countries annually, maintaining the same traditional process that characterized the firm in its infancy.

- Handmade in Spain
All MAYPOL signature shoes are manufactured entirely in Caravaca de la Cruz, authentic "Made in Spain", ensuring quality in the selection and use of materials and design and manufacturing process.

- Fashion
The woman is our brand. MAYPOL designed for an independent, active, current and very sure of herself and looking for the perfect combination of comfort and sophistication urban women. Is our reason to be.



Buizerdlaan 6 - 3435 SB Nieuwegein Nederland

T 0031 (0) 6 13764695

Locatie & plattegrond

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