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G-star RAW

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G-Star RAW is one of the most renowned brands in the denim industry worldwide. Founded originally in Amsterdam in 1989, the brand has a rich heritage and has collaborated with various designers, artists, athletes and initiatives over the years. Also, G-Star RAW has a great focus on sustainable innovation.

G-Star RAW’s passion for denim has driven the brand to take craftsmanship to the next level. “Hardcore Denim” is the philosophy that pushes the brand to invent and explore – down to the smallest detail.  With this dedication to quality and progress, and innovation and sustainability at its core, the brand represents the forefront of the denim industry, producing pioneering styles and challenging industry standards.



New Yorkstraat 48
1175 RD Lijnden
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)20 3033800
E info@brands-360.com


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